unexpected end

The Fall 2014 semester at Kent State ended on Friday. I had five finals (why), apartments to tour (EEEEEE!!), 5 DVDs to code for the lab (why), a broken down car, my computer adapter deciding not to work the Sunday before exams, AND meetings (so many more meetings than I wanted during finals week), so it wasn’t the easiest end to the semester. But I’m gonna be real here: most of the semester was a shit-show anyways. I don’t know why, it was just flat-out hard and stressful from day one. I disliked at least one aspect about every single one of my classes (especially algebra and conflict management); even my psych class was mildly annoying some days. On the other hand, I was a student note-taker for that class so I got $50 to the bookstore at the end of the semester, which is super nice.

Final grades are starting to come in, and despite this semester looking initially bleak, I’m ending with solid As in biology, sociological analysis, and abnormal psych (actually, I got a 100 on my final exam in this class, very proud of myself), and scraping by with an A- in conflict management and algebra. I literally mean scraping by in algebra; my final calculated grade is 90.0001% and for that I’m very thankful because I had accepted getting a B in that class. I’m disappointed that it was these two particular classes, which should have been very easy As are the ones that I didn’t do as well in, but I’m glad they’re over and I never have to see Pat Coy again.

We also toured a couple potential apartments for next year after futzing over it for like two months. And I’m really excited because there’s a big kitchen in the one we decided to apply for. It’s a little further from campus than we would have originally liked but for the equivalent of $390/month, all utilities included, 5-bedrooms, and 3 full bathrooms, how could you honestly pass up a 5-7 minute drive away? I’m really hoping it works out because that means I get to live with some of my best friends. :D

Also, Caesar, my car, is fixed and the new adapter arrived on Tuesday, so I was only without it for two days.

I think part of the reason the semester was so stressful was because I spent a lot of time working in my labs, which I don’t necessarily mind because it meant getting the opportunity to design and run a study with Dr. Rawson. Over break, I’m scoring some of the data for this study so we can get a follow-up going in the spring and hopefully start working out a paper over the summer. Working for RaDLab has been such an incredible opportunity from the moment I was hired and I am so, so, so thankful for it. I was also presented with an amazing opportunity in Dr. Grau’s lab – not quite as involved as RaD, but still worth it! One of the graduate students asked me to help her put together a poster for a conference and in return, she put my name on it. Now, I realize that doesn’t seem nearly as impressive as designing a study, but the more things I’m able to get my name on now, the more things I’m going to be able to put on my CV later. So I’ll continue to put posters together until my eyes fall out if that’s necessary.

So, after a wildly hectic fall term, I’m on well-deserved, much-earned winter break. Which started great – I came home on Friday to homemade chicken noodle soup and a jar of Nutella in the pantry. I don’t start back at Panera for another week, which is nice but also irritating because I need the money.

My plan for break is to play The Sims a lot and research graduate school programs and get my scoring done this week. And sleep, because Lord knows I didn’t get enough sleep this semester.

XO Megs

a day in the life of a main campus golden flash

It’s 6 a.m. Your phone alerts you to a new text message and you bolt upright. Could it be? Classes cancelled?

As you rub sleep from your eyes, you read the new message: Ashtabula Campus; cancelled morning classes.

It’s too late for main campus now. You contemplate transferring to the commuter campus. You wonder how these people are allowed to graduate with so many snow days on their record as you pull on your third pair of knee socks. Next the boots, a thick infinity scarf and a pea coat that is nowhere near as warm as you want it to be.

Real Feel Temp: -5 degrees Fahrenheit. Gloves and a hat.

You stand in front of the door to your res hall, looking out into the tundra, bracing yourself. It’s not enough. You wrestle with the door against the wind, icy snowflakes fly across the Esplanade. It’s a long walk to your building.

The first thing to go numb is your face, and you ironically think that if you were to get hit by a PARTA bus, it wouldn’t even hurt. Next, any part of your leg that isn’t covered by boots or coat. Your toes lose feeling eventually.

You can see your building now, but the wind is picking up and more snow hits you in the face.

You feel one foot slip out from underneath you, grit your teeth ad prepare to slip down one of many hills. The slush on the ground yesterday is now frozen and hidden by snow. No matter how deep the tread on your boots is, you will still slip on the ice.

You catch yourself, only to slip again and bounce down a flight of concrete stairs covered in iced over leaves into a parking lot. A professor steps out of his car and shakes his head in disapproval, as if you wanted to fall down the stairs.

I am tired of your shit, winter.

four more weeks

Ah, yes. It’s true. I have four more weeks (plus finals) of fall semester here at Kent. I’d say I was excited for spring semester but I know it’s just going to be exactly the same as this semester, only colder with four feet of snow. Luckily, I only have to take 14 credit hours (and if I play my cards right, I’ll only have to take 12 every semester after spring), but that also means that I need to start getting more involved with my two labs. Rather, I need to start learning more about the actual research I’m helping with instead of just nodding along, doing my coding and running studies. I’m kind of looking forward to it.

Me and my burglar roomie, Skye on Halloween.

Me and my burglar roomie, Skye on Halloween.

Anyways, next semester is the last semester I have to take classes that are just straight-up not interesting to me. (Quantitative Methods II, Biological Diversity, I’m looking at you.) After spring, psych, soc, and HDFS classes until I graduate, which I’m really excited for. HDFS is Human Development and Family Studies, which I recently added as a minor in order to be able to take a certain class that I thought sounded interesting. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it after the class is over, but I’ll find out next fall, eh?

Me and Libs, 50s style for Halloween

Me and Libs, 50s style for Halloween

We looked hella good on Halloween. Me, Bri, Libs, Em.

We looked hella good on Halloween. Me, Bri, Libs, Em.

We didn’t end up going out on Kent Halloween, but we did have a little shindig with the guys over at Province. We dressed up like 50s girls, and I believe Andrew promised to take us out for sodas? Am I wrong here? Skye dressed up as a burglar, which honestly, she pulled off really well. Next year we’ll have to go all out because this was just kind of like, “Crap, Halloween is tomorrow.” And then we went to Walmart and bought eyebrow pencils and red lipstick.

On Saturday, Alicia and I spent the better part of the day hand-making pasta for the floor dinner we had on Sunday evening (which was a complete success, and I decided that I’m going to marry an Italian because I can’t live without homemade pasta). Saturday night, Alicia’s aunt and uncle treated Skye, Alicia and I to a showing of Nosferatu (with live orchestra. Lots of organ. Painful amounts of organ.) and Neos Dance Theatre’s rendition of Dracula as a ballet at Akron Civic Theatre. That was amazing. If you ever get the chance to see it, do because it was amazing. What could be better than vampires and ballet dancing to Metallica and My Chemical Romance? Nothing. We also got to meet Marco, who is straight from Italy and beautiful. If one of us doesn’t marry him I’ll be severely disappointed with life.

Okay. I think I got everything. This past weekend was really fun and I’m glad because I needed it.

XO, Megs

Seductive Alicia and her pasta for Third Floor Feast.

Seductive Alicia and her pasta for Third Floor Feast.

it’s been a long time again

I’m using this post as an excuse to stop studying for half an hour, listen to some good music and detox. I have four exams and two papers due in close proximity. I mean this week and next week. I’m praying that this is the heaviest week I’ll have for the rest of the semester, but I’m literally afraid to check my syllabi and find that in three weeks I’ll have to do this all over again. I think I’d be okay, but I dunno, I’m not exactly where I want to be in three of the classes I’m taking tests for this week so I kind of need to do well on these so I can stop stressing about the class as a whole. I’m pretty much at the brink of my mental capacity and the semester is half over.

On the bright side, I got to do some fun stuff yesterday and get to do some fun stuff the next two weekends too! Yesterday, a couple of us went to an apple orchard close to campus (Beckwith Orchards, for those of you in the Kent area). Super cute little farm with a really creepy shack in the forest. It’s great. Plus, it was a beautifully sunny day and I’m incredibly thankful for sunny days in the fall. It was just really hot for October. Also it’s supposed to be like 79 degrees on tomorrow? Excuse me?


Me, Skye, Em, and Lucas on our way to Beckwith. Skye’s a good driver and kept her eyes on the road the whole time.

I told my self I was gonna take more pictures of stuff this year, and for the most part, I’m sticking to my word. I just don’t do anything with them. So, here’s some pictures from the orchard! Emily and I split a half peck of the most delicious honey crisp apples I’ve ever eaten. My fridge smells delicious just because of them. October is perfect for doing cute fall stuff (is there a such thing as not cute fall stuff?) with your friends/fam.


Cutie little orchard <3


We were running through the wrong cornfield for sure. The fear is real.


Aforementioned creepy forest shack.


Group selfie on the way out. From back right: Michelle, Alicia, Em, Matt, Lucas, Skye, me, & Brandon

Anyways, next weekend, we’re heading out to Cedar Point again. On the same weekend/day that we went last year and the weather was bad. Faithful readers will remember that fiasco. The weather is predicted to be nice but I’ll believe it when I see it. Two weekends from now is Kent’s Halloween (don’t ask me why it’s a week early, I don’t know, I don’t pretend to know, I just go with it), and originally, Libs, Em, Bri and I were going to do the Pink Ladies from Grease. In lieu of not finding a relatively cheap Pink Ladies jacket, we decided to dress it down and just do 50s. It’s still cute and I get to curl my hair. :)

Okay. My half hour is up. I’ve gotta get back to my studying unfortunately. I’m really going to try to post more. I keep saying that but I mean it this time.

XO Megs


three weeks down, thirteen to go

I’ve been putting this post off for two weeks. No, really. The original title was “one week down, fifteen to go” and I just never finished writing it.

Sophomore year is hard, friends. Very hard.

Also very fun.

Basically I have mixed feels. But I think I had mixed feels about freshman year too, and it turned out all right.

I’m coming up on a couple exams already; two of them I’m a little anxious about but I think I’ll still do okay. Just gotta keep up with the studying and application of motivational post-it notes on my desk. (Motivational quotes include “Get your shit together” and “Do it for the grad schools.”)

I only have one class that I really enjoy this semester, my only psychology class. Bio sucks. Calc sucks. CONFLICT MANAGEMENT IS GOD AWFUL WHAT WAS I THINKING WHEN I PICKED UP THAT MINOR THANK GOD I DROPPED IT. Sociology also sucks. It’s hard to enjoy the semester when you’re taking classes that make you sad, but oh well.

I spend a lot of time in my two labs now, and I think that’s why I’m feeling so burned out already. It’s not that it’s too much extra, but I definitely don’t have the time to relax that I thought I would. I missed three episodes (including the finale) of Teen Wolf and I haven’t been able to get myself caught up enough to not feel bad if I just watch 4 hours of tv.

Anyways, I just kind of wanted to get something up on my blog. I know I haven’t posted in a long time, even though I said I would. So here’s to better habits for the rest of the semester.

XO Megs

student or socialite?

In light of my own classes starting in two days, I thought it was fitting to press this.

The author makes a good point – there are more important things than looking fab every day. I remember doing the same thing last year, going strong for about a week, and then giving up for a few extra minutes of precious sleep. Now I pretty much roll out of bed and go. I’ve also given up wearing anything but yoga pants and t-shirts around my res hall.

By all means, if you want to wear your best outfit on Day 1, please do so if that makes you feel good. Wear a suit every day, I don’t care. But only if you really want to. Don’t go overboard trying to impress people.

student or socialite?.

Kelly’s Story

Another fantastically-written post you should read.

I know this sounds pretty bad, but I got so excited when I refreshed my WordPress Reader and saw that CTA had posted another recovery story.

As terrible as these events and experiences are for these women, I am relieved to know that there are people and organizations dedicated to the well-being and recovery of trafficking victims.

Endless thanks and gratitude.

Kelly’s Story.