dusting off the cobwebs

Hi all!

Been a long while since I updated the good ole blog. And a lot has happened since my last post.

First, I met this guy. Look at how cute he is. We’re in Nashville in this pic but since we both like taking little vacations, we’ve been lots of places. He’s real awesome.2016-05-23 19.13.33

Second, and I guess more imporantly (This is untrue; the Cavs winning an NBA title is definitely the most important thing I have experienced this year, haha) I made it through my junior year of college. As in I only have one year, less than 365 days until I am a college graduate (fingers crossed) and boy oh boy do I need to get my butt into gear. I am presently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in sociology (upgraded from a minor when I realized that really I only had 9 more credits to take if I double majored). By far, third year is the hardest year to date. I made the decision to take a year off from school before purusing graduate education, which 100% is the right decision for me. Post-grad time off gives me time to focus on studying for the GRE and choosing the perfect grad program for me.

Apartment living was a huge adjustment. I stand by a prior statement that you can’t live on chicken nuggets for dinner everyday, although I keep trying. Neighbors definitely weren’t as friendly in the long run as neighbors in my old res hall. And panicking about receiving bills that said, “Hey, we’re gonna shut off your water if you don’t pay up” because your landlord waits just a hair too long to send in payments. (One perk: all of our utilities are included our rent so we don’t have to worry technically about paying bills but still. We expected to have a responsible landlord.)

I picked up a position in a third research lab this past spring and have been lucky enough to work at Akron Children’s Hospital through that lab. To that end, I hope I can snag a job at the hospital in a year when I graduate.

The summer has been a busy one. I got a new part-time job at Target, which I enjoy much more than Panera. I’m also fortunate enough to have  received a research fellowship (rare for undergrads) to continue working over the summer in my cognitive lab. The fellowship is really cool because it allows me to assume an almost grad-student-like-role in the lab and it’s a wonderful opportunity to work closely with my faculty.

The upcoming fall semester is probably going to be my busiest semester yet. I’m marching forward with my senior thesis, accepted another lab manager job, three research labs, classes, and hopefully more little trips with Colin to look forward to. It’s crunch time, and I’m not slowing down for anyone.

xo, meg

yikes @ my consistency

HAH I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me and my trash blog. But naturally it’s time to pick it back up again because I’m having anoTHER existential crisis.

I feel like all the crap that I dealt with in the spring (scroll back, crappy stuff) compounded into this semester but added more responsibilities!😀

I decided early this semester that after I graduate, I’m going to take a year off of school to relax and get some work experience before going on to graduate school. It’s been a huge weight off my shoulders, and I feel really good about that decision. Just feels right.

And ya’ll know that I’ve been wanting to pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology. But I’ve been thinking a lot about that recently. And I don’t really know if that’s what I want right now. Maybe in the future when I feel okay with the idea of teaching and doing research full time at a university.

It’s just weird to say that, because that’s what I’ve wanted for at least three years. Trying to do soul searching and make decisions about the future at the same time is really difficult.

I’ve been looking into more master’s programs in mental health counseling and public health, and I know that I could be 100% happy with careers in those areas, just based on what I actually want to do – practice, work with people.

But grad students that I work with, my faculty, advisors: “Megan, you would do fantastic in a clinical program.” Which has made this a million times more difficult than it should be. I love their confidence in me, I absolutely love it. And I know they wouldn’t be disappointed to see me take another route. But I also want to live up to their “expectations” that aren’t really expectations. Meh.

I need a sign. I’ll take literally anything at this point.

xo Megs

graceland, first weeks

It’s weird to think that instead of opening my door to talk to Alicia and Michelle, I have to drive across campus to visit them. It’s weird that instead of taking a left on Janik Drive, I have to take a right on Whitehall Boulevard. It’s weird that I have to actually grocery shop, instead of just going to Prentice for my third wrap of the day. It’s weird that I have roommates, but I don’t have to share a room with them. It’s weird that I have a stove and I made this bomb lasagna without having to hand over my Flashcard to get the pots and pans.

Graceland is far from a flawless apartment. Our dishwasher leaks at least 10 ounces of water every time we run it (Kevin has been here 4 times to fix it, apparently it’s “only a year old”). I swear that nobody lived in this house for like 6 years because of all the cobwebs. We’ve mopped several times and I dunno why, but there’s still so much dirt on the floor that we end up having to wash our feet every night before going to bed. Jenn is the only one with closet doors (Bremily’s and Skegan’s got thrown away).

But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Classes picked up again last week, but I’m trying to ignore all of my responsibilities so I’m blogging instead. I hope the first couple weeks of everyone’s semester have gone well!

xo Megs

things i learned as a college sophomore

It’s that time of year again. College move-in. This year is pretty different for me because instead of moving back into 311 Stopher Hall (which will always be my first home in Kent), I’m moving into my very first apartment.

Much like last year, I put together a bunch of things I learned as a sophomore. I expect that most of my sophomore friends will laugh at this and say, “That’s not gonna happen to me” and that’s fine, but you’ll see.

Hopefully this will quell some new year nerves. As always I don’t intend to freak you out and these are solely from my own (and a few friends’) experiences. I genuinely hope that none of you have that semester.


Remember that you ain’t shit. You weren’t in high school, and you aren’t in college. (I didn’t really learn this, but I felt like it needed to be said.)

Enjoy res life as much as you can. Play euchre all night in the hallway. Watch your roomie play preloaded games on her Xbox (tbh Hydrothunder is not that bad). Most of you will probably move out of your hall for the last time next May. Strangely you’ll find yourself craving Prentice wraps more often than you’d like to admit despite eating them at least once (but probably more like 2-3 times) per day every day for many months.

That being said, your younger floormates will most likely do weird shit in the hallway at 3 in the morning (like literally wrestling outside your door). Don’t get mad, you probably annoyed your older floormates your first year too. Gently prod them into a room so they can continue the match. Do get mad at your douchey neighbor and his strange girlfriend when they have sex at weird hours of the day and night on your shared wall. He’s probably a mouth-breather.

You’re the people that freshmen floormates will look to for guidance (sometimes) and more importantly, friendship. Set the tone for the year by leaving your door open and introducing yourself. I remember being slightly terrified of my group of sophomores but I chalk that up to college nerves.

Don’t wait too long to start looking for an apartment if you’re saying goodbye to res life. My roommates and I didn’t delay that long, but it still meant touring an apartment on the day we were supposed to be moving out of Stopher for winter break. That was kind of stressful.

You will have that semester. And it’s gonna be the worst. But you can do it, believe me. The “Sophomore Slump” is a very real thing, but I promise you, it’ll be okay. If you read my posts at all the past year, you can definitely tell Spring 2015 was my semester. I’m still here and I’m looking forward to kicking ass and taking names this year.

Sometimes, playing Skyrim for 10 hours straight is exactly what you need to do on a Saturday, even though it’s 75 and sunny outside. Sometimes doing your nails and watching Broad City or New Girl takes priority over studying. Take time for yourself to detox and relax. Grades are important, but so are you and your health.

If your Tinder date shows up wearing his high school letterman jacket and DC skater shoes, you’re gonna have a bad time. Recruit your gals to go with you on the next date just in case.

Boys are still (will always be) stupid. Don’t forget that. Your best friends and your family are all you need. (Forgive him anyways.)

Last year when I said you probably will need a bubble umbrella I lied because the wind this year broke many a bubble umbrella. Also buy more socks.

A lot of you are probably going to turn 20 this year. Embrace the following existential crisis, but let it motivate you. You don’t have to have everything figured out.

You’re gonna grow a lot as a person. Your mom will probably tell you that when you’re home for the summer. And you won’t believe her at first, but take a look at where you were a year ago. Three years ago. You’ve come a long way and you should be proud of yourself. If you’re not, I’ll be the proud mom and brag about your accomplishments for you.


Best of luck with the upcoming year, everyone. I know you’re gonna do great!🙂

xo Megs

summertime sadness

Except that I am literally not sad at all. It feels really good to be home for a couple months and I totally deserve the R&R. I’ve been home for a few weeks now and I’ve only really been working at good ole Mother Bread and selling textbooks. Which is fine. It’s mindless and easy. When I’m not at work I’m playing The Sims or sleeping, which is also fine by me.

I do miss my gal pals though, and while I was hoping to see Skye before she heads abroad to Florence, I’ll just have to wait until she gets back.😦 I know she’s going to have an amazing trip and I wish I could study abroad too. Just not in my cards, ya know?

Anyways, I did the first vacation-y summery thing of the year yesterday! A day-trip to Vermilion! I say vacation-y because my family used to camp in Vermilion every summer so it was more like visiting an old friend than taking a vacation day. But I did get to sit on the beach for a little while and work on my tan.😀

2015-05-24 12.44.54

There’s a bug about to fly into my mouth in this picture. It was a beetle of some sort, not very tasty at all.

We haven’t camped in Vermilion since I was in elementary school, but we occasionally take day trips just to see how this “Small Town on a Great Lake” (haha get it because it’s on Lake Erie…a Great Lake… hahaha) changes. The water was pretty clear this time, but it was still ice cold because it’s May. Usually we walk away from the beach with pockets full of sea glass, but since someone set up shop selling sea glass jewelry there wasn’t much for us to find.

2015-05-24 13.56.57

The Nest, aka where I ate breakfast every weekend, every summer for most of my childhood. It looks super different from the last time I was here, but the lady in the pink in the back of the photo has been working there for as long as I can remember.

We got lunch for literally the first time ever at The Nest Restaurant. (“Restaurant.” It’s one of the local diners in Vermilion, but I guess they do catering now. Like this place is so tiny that a table of high schoolers accounted for a quarter of the customers.) I’m dead serious. Up until this point The Nest has been strictly breakfast. They make bomb pancakes and french toast, breakfast burritos, and my sister’s favorite, ham and hash browns, which the waitress was surprised she didn’t order again for lunch! If you’re ever in Vermilion, I recommend it for breakfast and lunch, but get there early!🙂

2015-05-24 12.22.20

Just some beach shots!

2015-05-24 12.41.55

The early afternoon was super clear, but it got cloudy right after I took this pic.

2015-05-24 12.37.41

Our final destination was Mill Hollow, which is way off the beach part of town. The river pictured is really low for most of the summer (unless it’s been monsooning, which does happen sometimes in Ohio), and you can walk a pretty good distance both directions without getting into water that’s past mid-calf. Low water is also good for finding turtle rocks, which are a confusing thing to people who haven’t spent a lot of time near rivers. They literally look like turtle shells. (In perfectly circular ones, geode crystals start forming. Pretty cool stuff, I have a nice collection of them at home.)

2015-05-24 14.19.46 2015-05-24 14.27.44-1That’s all I’ve got for you guys this time! Hopefully you’re all enjoying your summer thus far.🙂

xo megs

now i’m going to be annoying and blog every other day

Hahaha probably not, but I just have more exciting news.🙂

This spring, I was inducted into Psi Chi, which is in international honor society for psychology folks and promptly elected Social Chair for Kent’s chapter. Although I wasn’t truly able to do much with the position, low attendance and commitment to the chapter inspired me to move up in the leadership. I was elected Vice President of the chapter for the 2015-2016 school year and I hope to implement some policies that will encourage members’ attendance and commitment.

I was also chosen to be the president of the department’s Peer Mentor Program, which I have been a part of since my very first semester (heading into my fifth!!!). Having been a mentee myself, I recognize the importance of the program and am looking forward to some large structural changes (possibly turning the fall semester meetings into a course that mentees can take for credit, which I would “teach” with other mentors).

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with both of these organizations and look forward to fantastic years for both of them. I am equal parts nervous and excited to start working on the changes to these organizations – I don’t think I’ve ever been in leadership positions like these. If I choose to take a leadership role, it’s usually a non-essential, lower-on-the-totem-pole type role so this is a completely new experience for me and I’m interested to see where it goes.🙂

All right, now back to updating only once a month.

XO Megs

i suck

I remember saying several times that I was going to try to get back on the Blog Horse, but I literally don’t even know what happened. This semester really got away from me, plus nothing really interesting happened. I didn’t really want to keep posting all my complaints and sorrows for you guys to read, so thanks for sticking with me I guess?

It’s the final week of classes here at good ole Kent State and I really couldn’t be happier that this semester is finally ending. Res life has definitely run its course and I’m genuinely tired of the paper thin walls (one of my neighbors is really, really obnoxious when his girlfriend is over). I’m ready to move into Graceland so I can burn all the candles I want, hang door mirrors where I want, and have a good meal that doesn’t cost me twice what it should. Don’t get me wrong, res life has introduced me to some of the most amazing people I’ve ever known, and I know that I wouldn’t have met them otherwise, but it does get old folks.

I’m also excited to “announce” that I will be working with Dr. Rawson and some fellow research assistants on a manuscript of our ongoing experiment (a.k.a., my baby), XFeed. Hopefully, after some work in the fall, I’ll be able to present a poster on XFeed at the Undergraduate Research Symposium in March of next year. I may or may not apply to another lab, run by my faculty advisor, depending on whether or not I take a full 16 credits. I’ve been teetering on one class, but this lab is really what I’m interested in (influence of stress on health in children), plus I would get the opportunity to work at Akron Children’s Hospital. It would be a great way to network and open up internships and jobs for the future.

I’m really hoping that next year will just be better and that this year was just uncharacteristically bad. I don’t know if I could do this for another year.

All right. Hopefully when I say it this time I’ll actually do it. I’m going to start posting more.

XO Megs