calm before the storm

It’s been a while since I wrote, hasn’t it? I don’t know what it is about this semester, but I’ve just been insanely busy. And it’s only going to get worse!😥

Spring break is just over two weeks away and I can’t wait. There are giant stop signs reminding us that halls close next Friday, as if we all aren’t counting down the seconds until glorious break.

As busy as this week was, the next two are quite literally going to be hell. Since I have mostly upper-division classes, I don’t have midterm exams, but it seems as though all of my professors wanted to get one more exam in before break. So I have back to back exams on Wednesday, and then another on Thursday the week before break. I feel like there’s never a week where I don’t have an exam or a large quiz in at least one class anymore. Always studying for something or writing a paper.

There’s also a ton of KIC things coming up, plus elections (which I’ve heard take a loooong time). The events I’m looking forward to, like Relay for Life and KSU Flash-A-Thon (which isn’t actually KIC), are after break in April, so I have those to keep me going as well.

Libs and I have started doing yoga and -shudder- Jillian Michaels workouts in our room a few times a week. The Jillian videos are awful, but they’re getting easier every time we do them. I actually really like it because working out makes me feel really good afterwards. (Plus when I do knee crunches I always imagine I’m kneeing something that’s really bothering me; great stress reliever!) She also got all of us really into House of Cards, which I definitely recommend if you have Netflix. Kevin Spacey is… wow.

I keep telling myself that it’s only two weeks, and I’ve definitely had worse weeks than these. But looking at my sad calendar on my phone makes me want to cry a little. Much busy. So exam. Very KIC. Wow. That blue bar that says “D.C. Trip” is the only thing keeping me going right now. That and obnoxious amounts of chocolate and caffeine.


On the other hand, I’m over halfway done with my second semester of college. I’ve had all my necessary advising appointments, have a tentative schedule planned, registration for classes is March 20th. I’ve also started seriously talking about my study abroad options, and I’ll have to start meeting with an advisor for that in the fall. It feels like this semester is flying by, despite how much I have to do still. Next year is going to be a completely different experience but I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Until next time, which probably won’t be for quite a while!

XO Megs

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