spring break

Whew, the last two weeks really kicked my butt, guys. Good news is, even though I had KIC until midnight on Tuesday and two exams bright and early, I still aced both, plus my Thursday exam. Super proud of myself.🙂

It has been so nice being home, sleeping in my own bed, eating good food… This semester feels like it flew by and I only have 5 weeks left before my freshman year is over! But at the same time, I haven’t been home much, because I’ve been so busy lately.

Even on spring break, I’m working on things for school – practicing coding for my lab, applying for scholarships and on-campus jobs like a machine… It’s kind of exhausting, actually.

Monday starts the vacation-vacation part of my break: the D.C. Trip! Honestly I’m hoping to sleep most of the car ride, but I’m known for my ability to sleep in the car. (The only way I can truly be awake in a car is if I’m the one driving. But hey that’s beside the point in this case. No driving for me!) I’m bringing a book to read, but I doubt I’ll even touch it. (At this rate I’ll never finish The Hobbit.)

So now that it’s like midnight and I’ve got a long week ahead of me, I’m going to sign off for now. I’ll update again later this week with pics from D.C.! See y’all then.

XO Megs

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